Commercial Solar

This is the perfect time to invest in solar energy.

Want us to guide you through the inner workings of a Solar PV & Battery system?

From planning to implementation, witness how we transform homes into eco-friendly energy havens. Discover advanced technologies like the Solis hybrid inverter and Puredrive battery system, and learn about our user-friendly smart monitoring system.

Benefits of investing in Commercial Solar PV

Reduce costs

Installing solar panels will help you reduce your business’ energy usage and help you cut costs, to ensure your business is as profitable as possible.

Low maintenance

Solar panels are designed to be self-cleaning making them a low maintenance option for your business. As long as they’re clean and well looked after, your solar panels should continue to work for 25 years or more.

Lower your carbon footprint

Your company’s carbon footprint is measured by the amount of carbon dioxide it produces through daily activities. A typical solar panel can save over 900kg of CO₂ per year, so by installing commercial solar panels you will significantly reduce your company’s carbon output.

Energy security

With commercial solar panels installed you will be generating your own electricity to use on site. This means you are less reliant on the National Grid. Not only will this save you a lot of money, but if there was to be a power cut or another type of outage, your business is less vulnerable.

Creates a competitive advantage

If your business makes the effort to invest in solar energy and renewable resources, you will appeal to more customers looking for a sustainable business to support. Solar panel installation shows your customers you’re committed to greener choices, boosting your corporate social responsibility.

Minimal Maintenance

Modern solar systems are built for effortless operation. Unlike complex machinery, they have no moving parts, ensuring long-term reliability. Once installed, your solar panels require minimal upkeep. Typically, a simple annual cleaning to remove dust or debris is all that's needed to maintain peak performance. With Power & Control Ltd, you can enjoy decades of clean energy with minimal hassle.

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