Domestic Solar

This is the perfect time to invest in solar energy.

Want us to guide you through the inner workings of a Solar PV & Battery system?

From planning to implementation, witness how we transform homes into eco-friendly energy havens. Discover advanced technologies like the Solis hybrid inverter and Puredrive battery system, and learn about our user-friendly smart monitoring system.

Some of the benefits of investing in Domestic Solar

Energy Independence

Generating your own electricity allows you to be independent from the National Grid and protects you from electricity price changes as you’ll no longer need as much from the grid.

Lower your energy bills

Domestic solar panel installation can help you save money on your electricity bills. By using daylight, you are using a free and powerful energy source, taking the pressure off your household budget.

Get paid for generating electricity

In the summer months or periods where you generate more energy than you’re using, it can either be stored in a battery or sold back to the National Grid. Using the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), you can choose to sell your excess electricity.

Lower your carbon footprint

After installing domestic solar panels, a typical home system could save around 1 tonne of carbon per year, reducing your impact on the environment.

Low maintenance

Solar panels are low maintenance and don’t require yearly services. They are designed to be self-cleaning, as the rain should wash away any debris. However, if you notice your energy output decreasing, your panels may just need a quick spray with the hose.

Increased home value

Studies have shown that homes with solar systems sell for a premium compared to similar properties without them. Adding solar panels is an investment that pays off now in reduced energy costs, and again later when you decide to sell your property.

If it’s cloudy outside, will I still generate electricity using my solar panels?
How do solar panels work?

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